General Quality Policy

Mekaindo Group and its subsidiary companies through their integrated management is commited to maintain and continually observe and improve the established standards its clients/end users in a contractor or through traditional practice.
The management system complies with the requirements of specified international such as ISO 9001 : 2008, ASME Codes and Indonesia standards schemes.
It provides for determination of quality objectives and terms of references for work undertaken and for ensuring that all activities are carried out systematically by competent staff.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy

Mekaindo Group and its subsidiaries management are committed to the identification and ellimination of the risk to health, safety and environment, wherever the companies organization is carrying out works by means of interaction with our clients health, safety and environmental plans as well as the Indonesia's Authory Regulatory Rules and Regulations.
The above policies are recognized and will no doubt be applied at all levels through out the companies organizations and its subsidiary companies and/or shops.

Confidientially and Information Security

in Handing all activities, out staff will thread all informations which is not parth of the public domain in cinfidence. Such information will at no time be disclosed to any other party without written consent from the costumers.
A security policy and procedure for the safeguarding of those information have been produuently implemented throughout the companies organization.